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    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I know the formatnumber() function can allow you to specify a specific amount of decmal places a number can go (ie, 12.222), but is there a way to have a fixed length for the integer itself? For example, instead of 1, i need 001. for 12, i need 012. I know i could do some if statements, but I would rather use a built in function for this. Can somone help me out? Thanks,<BR><BR>P.S. you can email me at

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    Here is a function that will work for you:<BR><BR>Function ZeroPad(pad, places)<BR>While places &#062; Len(pad)<BR>pad = "0" & pad<BR>Wend<BR>ZeroPad = pad<BR>End Function <BR><BR>The arguments are:<BR>pad=the number you wish to format<BR>places=total number of places for the number <BR><BR>If you wanted to format &#039 12&#039 as ?&#039 then you would call the function as follows:<BR><BR>zeropad(12,3)<BR><BR>I hope this helps!

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