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    On the IIS side, I selected the<BR>directory that I want secure and set the Authenticated access to Basic<BR>authentication and now a user must enter there username and password<BR>from the Network, as well as my Sql Database is set to Windows NT<BR>Integrated Security. So now no one can see records from the Sql Database<BR>on the web page unless they are on the Company&#039;s domain. So far so good!!!<BR>Now my boss has asked me to create a page where certain groups can see<BR>certain information on a page or certain pages. Is there a way I can<BR>tell (in code) if a user that logs on is apart of a group, the groups I<BR>want are Customers, Employees, Administration

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    You could put three different pages in three sub-directories and set permissions differently on them...?

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    Default Roles Based Authentication if possible

    Roles based authentication is supposed to do this but I don&#039;t have code for you, sorry. <BR><BR>You could put a separate web.config in each directory, redirect at login according to the user type. Something like...<BR><BR>&#060;location path="myDirectory"&#062;<BR>&#060;system.web&#062; <BR>&#060;authorization&#062;<BR>&#060;allow roles="myUser" /&#062;<BR>&#060;deny users="*" /&#062;<BR>&#060;/authorization&#062;<BR>&#060;/system.web&#062;<BR><BR>There is an example of Roles in the Docs and also various code snippets at the web site and on Google. I haven&#039;t seen a good example here though, LOL.

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