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Thread: Not sure if this is where I need to post this

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    Default Not sure if this is where I need to post this

    I&#039;m having a major issue with ASP scripts on my server.<BR>Server is Running Win2k with IIS 5.0 it has aspupload and aspmail installed.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the issue... On sunday afternoon.... (mind you, no changes to the server have been made in weeks)... My asp scripts in web pages started locking up the server. There are literally hundreds of scripts on this server... I&#039;ve been able to isolate a few that have caused problems, and dealt with them. But I think the over all issue is more important than a stop gap. <BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas why something like this would just start? Any ideas as to what I can do about it? <BR>I&#039;ve reloaded Service Pack 3.. but i don&#039;t think that&#039;s helped any.<BR><BR>---An example of a problem.... An asp page loads... but hangs... go to IIS and unload the process. Inetinfo.exe immediately jumps to 99 or 100 precent usage.... and W3svc will not shut down... --and I don&#039;t have the kill command loaded.. so I have to reboot.... which takes forever because it&#039;s trying to unload services(W3svc) that is hung up..... <BR><BR>I&#039;m going crazy on this.... and so are my clients.

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    Default What's the commonality..

    .. of the pages?<BR><BR>Are you sure it isn&#039;t a virus or something overloading the server? Have you checked the logs to see what/how many pages are being requested? Is the machine up to date with the latest service packs and hotfixes?<BR><BR>Is it poor code in a single page? Some kind of infinite loop:<BR>Do Until 1=2<BR>Loop

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