Hi. <BR><BR>I am the webmaster for tortuga.com. Right now we have over 500 pages in English. <BR><BR>I was using Dreamweaver to design the sites and change the templates, but now I believe the site cache is too big, and if I try to change the look of the site the program crashes.<BR><BR>I would prefer to put the information in to ASP.NET with a SQL backend but I&#039;m overwhelmed as to where to start.<BR><BR>I would like the information to stay in the same context :<BR>&#060;TEMPLATE&#062;&#060;BODY&#062;informati on&#060;/BODY&#062;&#060;/TEMPLATE&#062; <BR><BR>I looked at the ibuyspy.com but I think I would have to completely re-arrange the site structure to use something like that.<BR><BR>Is there any other existing programs you can buy to do this, or is this somewhat easy to code? Any suggestions as to where to start?<BR><BR>Thanks.