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    Hi,<BR><BR>This is kind of following on from a question I asked yesterday, and which ReaperMan kindly helped me out with. I also hope this is in the correct forum...<BR><BR>I have an executable file which is basically a &#039;visual tour&#039; thing. In order to use this on a web page, ReaperMan explained I&#039;d need to convert it to an ActiveX component and then embed this in the page.<BR><BR>Thing is, ActiveX is not something I&#039;m too familiar with, and I need urgently to get this converted. Could someone point me in the direction of a basic guide to how I&#039;d go about doing this? Please remember, I really am a novice at ActiveX (although fine at ASP!) and right at this moment I don&#039;t have the faintest idea how I go about converting my exe file to an ActiveX component, what packages I&#039;d need, etc etc.<BR><BR>Many, many thanks from a desperate programmer!!

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    I know that the ASP Q&A forum&#039;s having problems (and Scott&#039;s been emailed, I believe), but if you use the "Recent Posts" link in the top-left, you&#039;ll see I have responded to the question in the Q&A.<BR><BR>Craig.

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