Any alternatives to "conditional" includes?

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Thread: Any alternatives to "conditional" includes?

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    Default Any alternatives to "conditional" includes?

    Hi there,<BR><BR>Does anyone know any good techniques to simulate conditional includes in ASP? <BR><BR>I figure with an include file that just contains name/value pairs, that can be simulated by just reading the file in like a normal text file (unless someone has a better idea?). But for include files that actually contain code... it seems a bit more tricky. <BR><BR>Any ideas would be appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default ServerXMLHTTP.

    You can make an XML HTTP request to the page and get it&#039;s output.<BR><BR>It can&#039;t interact with the page&#039;s variables, but if you can rewrite the dynamically included page to use querystrings, it would work.<BR><BR>A question, though. What&#039;s the basis for this need?

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