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    I&#039;m trying to create an Intranet page that reads a few figures straight from an Excel worksheet.<BR><BR>I tried creating a DNS using the Excel file as the source, and when testing a Dreamweaver-wizard recordset I even got the figures I wanted... BUT when I tried taking this one step further and executing a page with that same recordset, it gives an error "Data source name not found and no default driver specified".<BR><BR>I also notice the Excel sheet is now locked by another "user" and can&#039;t be opened even directly, as though the testing part in Dreamweaver has done it (guess).<BR><BR>I dont want to set up a DNS on each client machine naturally... any ideas what I&#039;m doing wrong here? I have limited experience so I&#039;m probably doing something wrong.<BR><BR>We&#039;re running win2000 and SQL2000.

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    Default If you have SQL, why use Excel ?

    Excel is not meant to be a database. It is a spreadsheet. You will run into all kinds of problems down the road if you try to go this way. Create a table in your SQL db and import the data that you have from excel. Be aware that excel will have problems with long text fields and other datatypes can be a problem. You could also IMPORT to ACCESS and use that. <BR><BR>Paul

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