I&#039;ve implemented a message board in ASP.NET and have been told that I now have to implement a way of showing who is online at a given time.<BR><BR>One way that was suggested was opening a page on the server and updating it there from a file containing timestamped data of users and activities. As in when a user looks at a page, a timestamp is sent to the file and if a user hasnt looked at a new page in X number of minutes, they are deemed logged off.<BR><BR>Only problem is, I dont know how to open a page on a server and I have no idea what type of form the timestamped data should take. <BR><BR>The other way I was thinking was to just put a database insert into statement into the top of every page when a user clicks on it and read it from there.<BR><BR>If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very appreciative or indeed if anyone has any ideas on better implementation, please do tell me!<BR><BR>Siobhan<BR>