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    im inserting records to my database. even i have compare the data with the existing one, it is still inserted to the records. im just a beginner and im asking for your help. pls help.

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    well first define EXACTLY what you want. if you can't do that then you're going to have trouble getting results.

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    Default What's the problem?

    You seem to want to identify duplicate records before inserting them. You can do this in three ways.<BR><BR>First, you can set up your database table to disallow duplicates by setting the indices of the relevant fields to "no duplicates". It depends on the database how you do this. Then you only have to handle any errors when inserting the new record.<BR><BR>Second, you can create an SQL query based on the values of the new record. If the query returns rows, you know there is a duplicate. If the query returns nothing, you know you can safely insert the record.<BR><BR>Third, you can do a find on the table based on the values of the new record. If you find something, you know there are duplicates. If not, you can add the record.<BR><BR>It sounds like your page is doing it either the second or third way, so obviously your programming is wrong. What does you code do? Are you sure you&#039;re checking for duplicates? If so, are you sure you&#039;re only inserting the new record when there aren&#039;t any duplicates?<BR><BR>I hope this helps,<BR>Oliver.

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