I am dynamically adding a set of controls to a page because I need a variable number of them. My question is wher do I write the event handlers for these buttons and how do I attach the buttons to them? <BR><BR>On another note, when I create these buttons, they disappear whn I click one of them . I guess the form posts back and doesn&#039;t save dynamically created controls. But if I take this loop outside of IF ISNotPostBack, then I get an error saying duplicate ids exist. How do I get these controls to persist over a postback without gnerating an error?<BR>Thanks!<BR><BR><BR>&#039;Loop through all items<BR>While drReader.Read<BR> &#039;Add Add button<BR> btUsers = New Button()<BR> btnUsers.Text = "Add"<BR> btnUsers.ID = "btnAdd_" & drReader("UsersID")<BR> Me.pnlUsers.Controls.Add(btnUsers)<BR>End While