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    I have created a database with time<BR>i mean when a post is created it put in the time auto,<BR>and thats good but now i also want the time to update<BR>everytime that post updates,<BR>so when a user change something in the post then the time should change.<BR><BR>hope you could help me with this.

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    Default What database?

    Can&#039;t do it with Access.<BR><BR>*Could* use a trigger with SQL Server, but most people will tell you that this isn&#039;t worth the overhead of a trigger.<BR><BR>Just put the new time in as part of the UPDATE query.<BR><BR>

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    Create a DTS field (DATE TIME STAMP) and set the default value to now()

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    Maurice PH Hendriks Guest

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    I use MS Access (as well as other db&#039;s) and set a DTS field&#039;s deafult value to now(). Works well for me. Maybe I didn&#039;t understand the question...

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