I have an extensive application written in VB/ASP.net.<BR>When I come to debug in certain sections it works perfectly however the debugging doesn&#039;t work in others.<BR><BR>I get the breadpoint with a question mark error<BR>&#039;The breakpoint will not currently be hit....&#039;<BR><BR>In my project the pages sit in a root directory called..<BR><BR>/InterfaceStandard/<BR><BR>All pages in the Admin section is in the directory...<BR><BR>/InterfaceStandard/Administration<BR><BR>The breakpoints work fine there, however the pages in the directory...<BR><BR>/InterfaceStandard/Student don&#039;t work.<BR><BR>I use the same Web.Config bebugging settings, set as true. I&#039;ve wiped out the project from IIS and re-imported it via source safe to no effect.<BR><BR>I&#039;m unsure as to how to fix the problem with v.little if any documentation on the problem on the NET and MSDN.<BR><BR>If anyone has had this problem I&#039;d like to hear from you, hopefully you have some problems I can help you with in future as I believe at this stage of release off VS.Net we all need help from one another.<BR><BR>Kind regards...<BR><BR>Karl<BR>karl.walker@sentient.it