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    Hello, <BR>I tried assigning the picture from the Server through the Loadpicture method as in one of the Messageboard example <BR> LoadPicture("&#060;%=Server.MapPath("imagesmyimage .gif")%&#062;")) <BR>and I am getting an error saying Path not found. <BR>The LoadPicture method is working only if the picture is in the Clients machine with the physical path for ex "c:myimageimage.gif". <BR>Is there anyway I could load the picture from the Server using Loadpicture method.. <BR>Thanks in advance.. <BR>

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    Of course.<BR><BR>Server.MapPath() will return a path to the file on the SERVER&#039;s hard disk. If you execute that on the client, it&#039;ll not work (because that file doesn&#039;t exist).<BR><BR>You could try doing:<BR>LoadPicture("http://www.myserver.com/images/myImage.gif")<BR><BR>But I doubt it&#039;ll work. Try investigating the ADODB.Stream object.<BR><BR>Craig.

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