I have an ASP/HTML application which uses frames in index.asp page. There are 2 frames used i.e., First the Left Navigation Frame and Second the Top Frame. The remaining is used for actual content page. The Left Navigation page has various hyperlinks to both .asp and .html pages of the application which inturn have links to other pages. Now the problem for me is with REFRESHING OF THE PAGE. The Address bar always shows the URL as http://localhost/<My application>/index.asp irrerelevant of whatever page is getting displayed. This is the problem using FRAMES. When I click on the REFRESH/RELOAD Button on IE/Netscape everytime the index.asp page is displayed, which should not be the case. Suppose I am viewing xxx.asp or xxx.html page and click on the Refresh/Reload it should refresh the xxx.asp or xxx.html page and display the xxx.asp or xxx.html page not the index.asp page (Which is not happening). In my opinion I can use the #include directive but it is not available with the .Html pages.