Problem connecting to database when hosting my sit

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Thread: Problem connecting to database when hosting my sit

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    Default Problem connecting to database when hosting my sit

    Dear Sir<BR><BR>I dont know if you receive my email on 02/08/03 so I am posting it again.<BR>I purchased your book "SAMS Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days"<BR>about a year ago. I have now developed a website(with ASP) using<BR>Personal Web Server.I have hosted my site but the problem is that the asp pages cannot connect to the database. There is nothing wrong with my code because everything works perfectly when i run the website off the personal web server. I first created a dsnless conection (pg 512 in your book) but there was no connection to the database when i ran it from the internet. The technical support guys from my web host then wrote a dsn for me and i then changed my code in the databaseconnect to connect to the database but there was still no success. The technical guys from my web host don&#039;t really no about asp, so they wont help me much. Could you PLEASE explain to me how this whole "database connection" works when HOSTING ones website.<BR>Please send me a solution A.S.A.P. and could you please send me the name of your asp.NET book. (I would really appreciate it) My email address is<BR>Thank You<BR>Yours sincerely <BR>Giggs<BR><BR>

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    Default I'm neither Mitchell nor Atkinson but...

    ...maybe I can help.<BR><BR>When you say you can&#039;t connect to your database, how do you mean? Do you get an error message? If you don&#039;t get an error, what is the problem? Are you trying to select rows but don&#039;t get any results?<BR><BR>We need more information to help. What you are talking about is too vague.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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