All,<BR><BR>Thanks to this site, i&#039;ve learned how to use ASP to dynamically create an excel file in ASP for display in the user&#039;s browser. While this method works great for some things, it&#039;s very limited - the ASP code required to produce a very lengthy, detailed, highly formatted Excel file is ridiculous.<BR><BR>What I&#039;d like to do instead is to create the file in Excel with all the formatting, graphs, charts, etc., in place, and then save that file on my web server as a "template." When the time comes to present that file, I&#039;d just like to pass the handful of variables to the Excel file, have it update automatically, and display in the browser.<BR><BR>I know this doesn&#039;t work, but I&#039;m trying to do something like pass variables in a querystring.<BR><BR>For example, let&#039;s say the Excel file had three named fields in in: "a", "b", and "c". You could access the template file this way: ""<BR><BR>Excel would read the variables from the querystring, place them into the named ranges, update, and the results would appear in the browser.<BR><BR>As i mentioned, this doesn&#039;t work, but it should give you an idea of what i&#039;m trying to do.<BR><BR>Any advice or insight is much appreciated!<BR><BR>Cheers!