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    We have around 5 sites which shares the database .I need to have the login universal ie if I login in one of the site A and then open another site B in another new window it should show me as logged in.Is this possible.<BR>Regards,<BR>leejo

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    not with &#039;standard&#039; IIS sessions, no - you&#039;d need to implement a custom solution, I reckon - or something like passport...

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    Default Sure you could!

    You said the sites share the database, yes?<BR><BR>So just have a "WhoIsLoggedOn" table in the database.<BR><BR>NOW... The first time a user visited each site, he/she would have to log in even if already logged into another of the 5 sites. But then you set a cookie for *that* site, which gives the user&#039;s userid, and then any time he/she brings up a new window you use the cookie to look up the "WhoIsLoggedOn" record for that person.<BR><BR>PROBLEM: It&#039;s not secure. If somebody ever found the username for another user, then he/she could just keep trying to hit your site until he/she happened to hit at the same time the other user is on.<BR><BR>But I don&#039;t see *ANY* solution for that problem, since there is no way to be sure that two different HTTP requests are coming from the same machine.<BR><BR>

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