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    Hi Guys,<BR><BR>Want to allow the public to upload jpg files to my webserver.<BR><BR>Does anyone have an ASP file upload component which calls a virus scanner.dll and scan the files as part of the upload process to the webserver? Or scans the files prior to completing the file-upload process? In that way you can send a message back to the web-user that their file contained a virus. <BR><BR>If I use just a normal virus scanner sitting on the server scanning memory, then end users don&#039;t get any feedback about the uploaded file. Plus you are left with a virus on your hard drive and hoping that the virus scanner will pick it up on the next scan. <BR><BR>Plus if you are wanting to do something with that file from another automated process and the virus scanner hasn&#039;t already killed or cleaned it, then you&#039;re in trouble. <BR><BR>Any suggestions??<BR><BR>

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    haven&#039;t seen one, but how exactly, given windows&#039; architecture, would a .jpg file act as a virus?<BR><BR>(hint - check file extension and mime-type)

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