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    I am designing a site for an organization and they have a test that people can take online. When the person goes to the test, it displays 10 questions, when the person submits the questions it puts them in a database and then displays the next 10 questions, and so on until all 54 questions have been answered.<BR><BR>On the last page, when they click submit, the questions are put in the database and the person is taken to the results page to see how they did. What I want is to make sure that the person cannot go back to the previous pages and change their answers. I was hoping there was a way, if the person presses the back button for the test pages to say "sorry this page has expired" or something like so that they cannot change their answers.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    You could save a cookie variable for each page visited, and when they try to revisit it, you could check for the presence of the cookie and redirect them. <BR><BR>If you wanted to set a time limit for a page, then you could use the settimeout javascript method to go to another page after the time has expired.<BR><BR>hope this helps

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