how do I create a virtual directory??

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Thread: how do I create a virtual directory??

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    I am having difficulty both with the server at my school using visual interdev AND with pws at home in accessing my global.asa page. I asked about this a few days ago, and was told I need to set up my directories as virtual directories. PLEASE could someone tell me briefly how to set up virtual directories? Thank you!<BR><BR>This is the response I received:<BR>When using PWS and IIS, make sure you set up your directories as virtual directories rather than just creating a new folder under Inetpubwwwroot&#060;websitename&#062; or else your global.asa won&#039t be recognized.

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    Renee - I believe it was me who gave you this answer a few days ago. To create a virtual directory please follow these steps:<BR><BR>PWS: <BR>Click Start &#062; Programs &#062; MS Personal Web Server. The Personal Web Manager appears. Click the &#039Add&#039 button. The &#039Add Directory&#039 box appears. In the Directory box create a path to your web folder c:inetpubwwwroot&#060;webfolder&#062;. Give any friendly name in the Alias box. Under Access make sure Read and Scripts are checked. That&#039s it. Your virtual directory will appear with the blue dot next to the folder name. <BR><BR>IIS: <BR>In the IIS MMC, right click on the Default web and select New, Virtual Directory. You then basically follow the same steps as above by creating a path to your new web. <BR><BR>I hope this helps.<BR>

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