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    I am getting an error telling me this<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot update. Database or object is read-only. <BR><BR><BR>but the database and the folder is CHMOD&#039;d to allow writing and this is my code to add<BR><BR> rst.CursorType = 1 <BR> rst.LockType = 3 &#039;adLockOptimistic <BR> rst.Open "usertable"<BR> rst.AddNew <BR><BR>Could there be any other reason for this? <BR>

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    What operating system are you using???<BR><BR>With NTFS, CHMOD only changes the permissions of the user who invokes it (e.g., the user who runs the DOS command window).<BR><BR>And you need to change the permissions either for EVERYONE or at least for the IUSR_xxx user (where xxx is your computer&#039;s name and IUSR_xxx is the user that IIS runs as).<BR><BR>You have to do that from the SECURITY tab of the PROPERTIES of that directory and/or DB file, using Windows Explorer.<BR><BR>If you aren&#039;t using and NTFS-based system, *THEN* CHMOD should have worked, as there is no per-user security in such a system.<BR><BR>

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