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Thread: CDONTS and SMTP

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    Rob Wahmann Guest

    Default CDONTS and SMTP

    I am trying to figure out how to use another SMTP server to send my mail using CDONTS. We are testing the Internet Anywhere Mail Server (, and we have been unsuccessful at getting the SMTP server to query and send the mail. Is there any way to use another SMTP server other than the Microsoft default SMTP server to send CDONTS? Thanks in advance!!!!!<BR><BR>Rob

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    Sathiya Guest

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    I think you are having the two mail services running in same port. Change the port for SMTP and check.

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    Rob Guest

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    You are correct... that would cause a problem, however, I have disabled MS SMTP and would solely like to run Internet Anywhere Mail Server. My question is, can I disable the Microsoft SMTP and run an entirely different mail server? Does CDONTS only work with the default MS SMTP server? So far I have been unsuccessful with getting this to work. Thanks again!

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    John Cullen Guest

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    On a similar note I hope that someone can solve this problem.<BR>I&#039ll be waiting a long time for a reply from the boys at Microsoft ......<BR><BR>I am trying to configure the SMTP service on IIS.<BR>I initially tried without consulting the manuals and <BR>proceeded by right clicking SMTP and selecting properties.<BR>The only things that I changed were:<BR>I added myself to enable Logging<BR>Changed the IP address.<BR><BR>I then tried running my ASP code but was returned a <BR>Permission denied message.<BR>I then went back to Management Console and when I tried to reconfigure SMTP it gave me a message box Access Denied.<BR><BR>How can I overcome this problem ???<BR>

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    I dare say that it will not ever work, as CDONTS stands for Colaborative Data Objects for NT Server. I am pretty sure that it will only work with MS SMTP. However, you can probably get CDO to work for your purposes. It is different than CDONTS, which is a watered down version of CDO. Check out for more info.

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    KPW Guest

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    Try this:<BR><BR>1. In the Internet Service Manager, open the property pages for the default SMTP site.<BR><BR>2. Choose the "Delivery" tab<BR><BR>3. In the Smart Host field, type the IP address of the server through which you want to send mail.<BR><BR>4. Choose OK.<BR><BR>This is assuming you are using IIS 4.<BR><BR>Hope this helps!

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    Raveendran Guest

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    Hi Rob,<BR><BR>Did you solve that problem? I&#039m having a similar problem with Internet Anywhere mail server. The replies to your original query were not very helpful. I tried all of them.<BR><BR>Could you help me?<BR>Thanks<BR>Raveendran

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