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    I keep getting errors on a client&#039;s site. He has access to live stats so can view the errors happening. They aren&#039;t happening all the time and are VERY hard to reproduce even if I go through the same steps as the customer who are getting the error. This is one of the errors I have been sent:<BR><BR>&#124 467&#124 80040e23&#124[microsoft][odbc_sql_server_driver]cursor_operation_conflict <BR><BR>and another<BR><BR>?&#124 309&#124 800a000d&#124type_mismatch:_&#039;[string:___]&#039;<BR><BR>I understand what a type mismatch is but trying to reproduce this error with the exact same item is impossible, it just doesn&#039;t happen again. The client had some problems with his host recently, they deleted his database and hadn&#039;t backed it up for 2 months! Until then everything was fine. Does anyone have an idea what these problems might be and if the problems with the hosting company may be a factor in this error happening?<BR><BR>Lloyd

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    You would probable be better off asking that question here<BR>www.sqlteam.com

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