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    Well what I&#039;m trying to do is build an html table with rows going from 07:00 to 22:00. <BR><BR>I did this with a for..to statement <BR>ie: for nhour=7 to 22 <BR>and then i gave the numbers a time appearence ending up with strnhour <BR><BR>I&#039;m also getting records from a database, <BR>rs("nhour") and rs("nTime"). rs("nhour") will always be a smaller number then rs("nTime"). <BR><BR>variable i is equal to rs("nhour") and varibale j is equal to rs("nTime") <BR><BR>varibale ntime is equal to i and I make the number look like time and end up with strntime <BR><BR>I then compare strntime to strnhour and if it&#039;s equal it displays <BR>the record nEvent also from the database. <BR><BR>This all works fine but what i want it to do next is continue wrîtting out nEvent until varible i is equal to varible j. <BR><BR>The whole picture is I&#039;ve built a calendar and when you click on a date then you get this table from 07:00 hours to 22:00 hours <BR>with the event next to the time that it compares with. The event has an end time which is "j" and I want to to continue to write the event until "j" has been reached. <BR>

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    Default Claire! Stick to a single thread. (eop)


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