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Thread: virtual **Printer** directory?

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    Default virtual **Printer** directory?

    I have read in a few of the MS knowledgebase articles that you should remove the mappings of .printer from IIS to close a vunerability related to buffer overrun exploits.<BR><BR>I have done that, and even went as far as removing the "printer" virtual directory from IIS.<BR><BR>Problem: Every time the machine is rebooted, I wind up with both the virtual directory and the mapping added back to IIS. According to the event viewer, this is being done by the CI Service (Content Indexer??)..<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas how to permanently get rid of it??

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    The best way is to run IISLockDown. This will give you the option to remove all unnecessary mappings and folders including the printers one.<BR>This will also lock the server down by securing certain files and folders.

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