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Thread: Remote Desktop causes IIS to hang

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    Do any of you use Microsoft&#039;s Remote Desktop Connection tool to connect to your Win2K IIS server? Has it ever caused the IIS service to hang, requiring you to reboot the server?<BR><BR>I&#039;m having this problem intermittently and can&#039;t track down the cause. I thought it might have something to do with having the color setting for the Remote Desktop at True Color, but I just tried this morning and it didn&#039;t cause the IIS service to hang. Just after connecting using True Color settings, I shut down that session and reconnected using 256 colors. Upon connecting, everything seemed fine until I closed the connection, after which the IIS service hanged. (This was different from previous incidents, in which the service hanged immediately upon connecting.)<BR><BR>If you had this problem, were you able to determine the cause?

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    Yeah, I use it and it&#039;s never caused a problem. It&#039;s unlikely that it does. Might be worth searching Microsoft support site though.

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