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    Am in the middle of a project for a company. Their website has the capability to take bookings, 8 every 30 minutes. However, their local database also has the same capaibility to create 8 bookings every 8 minutes, and because they&#039;re not connected, theres a chance of 16 bookings been taked accidentally.<BR><BR>The database is access in both cases. I tried to steer them towards using a web application on their premises, but they&#039;re determing to keep it solely in Access, so this means I have to work out a solution. Anyone have any ideas? I&#039;ve considered using a third database that will sit in the middle, and hold all updates - a script will ftp down the database from the web, the local database will share its updates, and the database will go back up. But I&#039;m certain theres a more elegant way to approach this!!<BR><BR>All help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Go back to your clients and tell them that this is a truly bad idea. I mean Bad. I know the customer is always right but emphasize that you will create a solution that will work as good as any solution to this problem would, but that you stronly reccomend that they use a web-interface to the website database from their location. Otherwise this is a really, really bad idea.

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