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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039;m querying index server (on windows 2000) and everything works fine when I search everything ("/"), however with I try and query any of the subfolders I get no results - even though there are definetly files there.<BR><BR>My SQL is <BR>SELECT DocTitle, Filename, Vpath, Size, Write, Characterization, Rank, path FROM SCOPE(&#039;DEEP TRAVERSAL OF "/docs/test/"&#039;) WHERE CONTAINS (&#039;user&#039;) &#062; 0 ORDER BY Write DESC<BR><BR>docs is the virtual directory that is indexed and test is just a folder under it.<BR><BR>Is there something wrong with the scope I have specified or is there any other reason why it wont work?

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    You should probably try a server map path (e.g. C:datasourcedocs est) rather than a virtual dir.<BR><BR>Greg

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