Hi All, <BR><BR>I have several questions and am trying to think of several different ways to approach this project that I am working on. I have never made an application like this before, time is important and I need to be pointed in the right direction. <BR><BR>Lets say I have a database with 100 records in it. I then want to display all one hundrend, but only 10 at a time. What would be the best way to approach that? Loop through the records, then reselect?<BR><BR>As well, lets say you have located the record that you want. It has unique properties, I then want to pass these properties to another page (which will "pop-up"). These properties will be displayed in the same format, as if any other record in the table is being displayed. How do I pass the information to a pop-up window? Is a request string the best way, or should I use cookie?<BR><BR>Thanks for your help in advance, <BR><BR>-J<BR>