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    I am having a problems with external .jar files. I have a drop down menu and a ticker on my web page, both of which call .jar files. They both load fine when viewed form a PC running XP or 2000 but if a user connects to a Windows Terminal Server and views the page it takes about 20 times longer to load.<BR><BR>Anyone else come across this???

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    Default This is a javaSCRIPT forum...

    .jar files are 100% JAVA and have nothing whatsoever to do with JavaScript, except the coincidence of name. The two languages--and the concepts around them--are only akin in the very most superficial ways. JavaScript is a lot closer to VBScript, for example, than it is to Java.<BR><BR>You need to find a good, knowledgeable JAVA forum to ask a question like that in. The newsgroups "news://comp.lang.java.*" used to be a good place to start. No idea if they are still as active today as they were 4 years ago.<BR><BR>

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