how build.....ASP forum?

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Thread: how build.....ASP forum?

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    Default how build.....ASP forum?

    Hi....I would like to add a feature to my site where members can post/respond to questions or comments.<BR><BR>Can you recommend a tutorial on how to do this or better yet; where code is available. <BR>Many Thanks!

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    Default Don't build it...

    There are various free ones available. The most popular ASP one is probably "Snitz".<BR><BR>You can see lists of all kinds of ASP-based things at<BR><BR>

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    Default Unless you really want to....

    .... it&#039;s fun! (I&#039;ve only ever used my own, good thing or bad as that may be)<BR><BR>likewise, can help with tutorials on how to build your own, as well as full applications for download.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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