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    I have created simple stored procedures-SP (i am the owner, though the table the SP is accessing i am not the owner of), sometimes i can access this stored procedure by:<BR>str_SQL = ""<BR>str_SQL = "Category" - Stored procedure<BR>Set str_DBConn_RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>str_DBCo nn_RS.Open str_SQL, strDBConn<BR><BR>Though sometimes it wont work and i have to access it by:<BR>str_SQL = "TVetz.Category" - TVetz (owner) <BR><BR>Please explain?

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    ownership of object determines the rights you have to the object (usually all rights)<BR>If you have sa rights then you should never have any problem, as you would have tights to every object. As a point it may be a good idea to give the stored procedure person rights to perform the stored procedure and the action of the procedure on the table you are accessing.<BR>As to why it sometimes works and sometimes not. Is the connection to the db different?

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