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    Can anyone help?<BR>We&#039re trying to intergrate Flash with ASP and not having much luck transferring variables - any ideas Guys?<BR>Thanks in Advance,<BR>Chris

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    Sathiya Guest

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    flash has a option of passing variables using GET and POST. If you tried it and if it giving error. reply in the forum with the error message.

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    My expirience with Flash & ASP is pretty basic... essentially when Flash gets a url and sends variables, it sends them as form data either POST (sent via HTTP from the client, to the server) or GET (which is whatever.asp?submit=submit&data=data, etc)... well... your ASP page can of course interpreit that with request(), but your ASP file has to output a single URL-Encoded string... much like with HTTP Get and everything after the question mark... for instance, if I want the variables &#039money&#039 and &#039food&#039 to get updated, my asp script must output a single line that&#039s url-encoded -&#062; simply "money=dollars&food=pizza"... and then flash reads that output from that page, and updates its correspondingly named variables, wether they be just variables or text boxes, or whatever.... One word of caution, Flash and HTML encoding is sometimes a little weird... like variables in flash named "customer_id" can get renamed in the GET and POST process to be "customer%0Did" or similar... basically Flash sometimes urlencodes the form data (variables)... ASP is cool with this, but CGI, Perl, etc are not, and it is not interpreited as the same variable.<BR><BR>Hope this helps, and isn&#039t too confusing... remember for ASP to send data back, you must response.write a url encoded string full of variables and their values.

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