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    I have a datagrid that returns numbers in a column. I need to do mathmatical problem on each of those numbers, then return the new value to a new datagrid.. how would I do this? Could I create an array with the answers I got, somehow set those = to a new dataset and then use that dataset dynamically to populate a datagrid?? I got the answers using a FOR NEXT loop and it worked just fine. Just don't know what to do next.

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    If all of your answers are already in an ArrayList, you can set that arraylist as the datasource of the datagrid:<BR><BR>dg.DataSource = CalculatedValuesArrayList;<BR>dg.DataBind();<BR><B R>Since ArrayList implements IEnumerable, you can bind it to any "repeater"-like web control.<BR><BR>If you want more information in the grid than just the calculated numbers you could loop through the arraylist and create a new DataTable object, adding more columns (i.e. Description??). Then bind the Table.DefaultView object to the datagrid.<BR><BR>There are some other simple ways to do this, too.

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