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    Hello, <BR><BR>Okay, I have two asp pages (myweb.asp & myresults.asp). I will be using the myweb.asp page to let people choose search criteria - within a form (name="messageForm"). When the user is finished selcting their search criteria they METHOD="POST" to a pop-up ACTION="myresults.asp" page. At this point the myresults.asp page will connect to the database and do a search. This is my dilemma (or stupidity)- I want myresults.asp - If there are no matches - to post a (No matches were found. Please try again.) message to the myweb.asp page. <BR><BR>Here is what I have started with:<BR><BR> &#060;% if rsFeedback.RecordCount = 0 Then<BR> response.Redirect ("myweb.asp") <BR> Response.write ("<BR>")<BR> Response.write ("<BR>")<BR> Response.write ("&#060;font size=&#039;3&#039; color=&#039;red&#039;&#062;")<BR> Response.write("No matches were found. Please Try Again") <BR> Response.write ("&#060;/red&#062;")<BR> <BR> <BR> End If<BR> <BR> %&#062;<BR>This (if I take out the redirect) will post the message to the I need it to post this message to the myweb.asp page.<BR><BR>I thank you for your help, time and superior knowledge.<BR>Mike

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    don&#039;t use .recordcount<BR><BR>use .EOF<BR><BR>j<BR>

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