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    Viper Guest

    Default popup titlebar

    How do I get rid of the titlebar of the popup, I know it&#039s possible but don&#039t know how.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Viper

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    Scat Warfare Guest

    Default RE: popup titlebar

    Actually, you can&#039t. You can hide the menubar, the toolbar, and the scrollbars. I assume you&#039re using JavaScript. The call to open a window with the bare minimum is <BR><BR>window.open("example.html", "example", "menubar=no,toolbar=no,scrolbar=no");<BR><BR>- Rev.

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    Viper Guest

    Default RE: popup titlebar

    I know it&#039s possoble I&#039ve seen it, but I don&#039t know where but I&#039m certain it&#039s possible with Javascript

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    JOEL M Guest

    Default RE: popup titlebar

    actually, there are a couple more parameters that you can include to open a window with no addressbar, links, and buttons and things of the such, but as far as the title bar, I haven&#039t seen a paramenter that would let you do that.

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