I bought this shopping cart (VP-ASP) online and it comes with all the ASP pages and an Access database. Everything works great, when a customer places an order, the order info and customer info will be inserted into this database. At my company we have another database (Symix) that we always have. I want some important info (ex. customer's name, customer's credit card#) inserted into this database as well. Instead of having to go into the ASP pages and modify the codes, I wonder is there another way or how can I write some kinda of an update program to copy or duplicate these data from an Access database to another database. For this Symix database, I've alwasy been working with it, creating orders and inserting data into this database. It has a DSN name and that's how I create my connection. I have no idea how to connect the 2 database together. Please direct to any resources that you have.