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    Vishal Singh Guest

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    I want to submit an asp page after a certain time limit has elapsed, thus restricting the users from attempting any more questions than the time permits.Once the page has been automatically submitted one should be able to process the user responses in the same way as when the asp page is submitted by the person attempting the test and selecting answers for say,only five out of ten questions.

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    Anton Bawab Guest

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    I&#039m not sure I get the second part of your question.<BR><BR>I am attempting an online examination application with similar features. In this case you will need to use some Client Side scripting where a script on the client machine will submit the form at a certain point in time.<BR><BR>In my application I store the start time in a Session variable and so I have a fixed point of reference even if the user tries to refresh the page. Then I have ASP write parts of my Client script.<BR><BR>... I don&#039t have the full application, I&#039m still on the drawing board with this one, I would be glad to share some ideas with you though.<BR><BR>Anton.

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    Vishal Singh Guest

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    After posting my query, I realised how badly worded the entire thing was.The online quiz which I am working on has for example 30 questions.It&#039s in the multiple choice format. I allow the person attempting the quiz, to select one of the options which are presented to him/her through a set of radio buttons.After the person submits the form I capture the values, do the proccessing which involves weighted scaling of scores, negative marking etc.But the basic problem still is - &#060;b&#062;&#060;i&#062;&#060;u&#062;Automati c Submission.&#060;/u&#062;&#060;/i&#062;&#060;/b&#062;.Even if that person has attempted only 20 questions in the predetermined time the form should get submitted.Though I have taken care that if the person goes back <BR>and changes the answers and resubmits the form the answers are not processed again and instead a message is shown to that effect.<BR>If possible do tell me which site are you associated with i.e. if you are.

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    Anton Bawab Guest

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    I am not associated with any site... I work for an academic institute, and currently developing this Online Examination module.<BR><BR>You can contact me at ando@mindless.com<BR><BR>Anton

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