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    Default HTML File not displaying completely

    i have an asp file that pulls from a SQL DB and generates a report. It is fairly large - It doesnt display the entire report - If i do a view source on the page, the entire report is there, but it only displays it partially. I coppied the source html and saved it as a htm file and it does the same thing. I then took out a few lines at the begginning of the report and when i viewed it again, it displayed the next few lines of the report -- Is there some sort of file size limit that i am unaware of? I have never seen anything like this before -- I have the html file if anyone would like to see it -- Any help would be appreciated!<BR>

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    Default Has to be an HTML bug...

    Maybe you have a &#060;TR&#062; but no corresponding &#060;/TR&#062;?<BR><BR>OR &#060;TD&#062; without &#060;/TD&#062;?<BR><BR>Or any of several similar errors.<BR><BR>You might take the HTML file and try validating it on one of the HTML validators that are out there.<BR><BR>You could try posting a *few* lines of the report here. Maybe from the &#060;TABLE&#062; tag down through about the first 3 &#060;TR&#062;s? And then, again, the last 3 &#060;TR&#062;s before the &#060;/TABLE&#062;?<BR><BR>

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