45 Royal Crest Drive,<BR># 8<BR>Nashua NH 03060<BR>Cell: (603) 591-8494<BR>Email: pranavsarvaiya@hotmail.com<BR><BR>PRANAV SARVAIYA<BR><BR>Objective<BR><BR>Pursue a successful and varied career in IT, which effectively challenges and develops my strong technical and inter-personal skills in a conducive and healthy work environment.<BR><BR>Technical Proficiencies<BR><BR>Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows 95/NT/3.X<BR>GUI: Developer 2000<BR>Data Base: Oracle 7.X, Oracle 8i (8.1.5), MS Access, Sql Server<BR>Languages: Visual Basic 4/5.0, PL/SQL, C, BASIC<BR>Internet development: ASP, JSP, HTML, Java Script, VB Script, XML, COM, J2EE.<BR>Other: MS Office, MS-Project, MS Visual Source Safe, Together Control and Orchestria.<BR><BR>Experience<BR><BR>Consultant - CRM / Financial services<BR>Feb 2002 to date<BR>Bearing Point Consulting (formerly known as KPMG Consulting) - Boston, MA<BR><BR>Played a developer role at a project with Sony CISC. It involved the integration of a knowledgebase application with a third party CRM application using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The integration was accomplished by building a MTS compliant COM object that interfaced with a SQL Server database. This was launched from an ASP page.<BR><BR>Played the Team Lead role for a design and development team on a application for GE Capital which, was a 1+ year effort to provide with a next generation Call Center Customer Service application, deployed over the Web with stringent performance requirements of max 350ms per user transaction and 10,000 calls per day.<BR><BR>Used J2EE (Java, EJBs, JMS, Servlets, JSP), struts, Weblogic, Together Control and Computer telephony Integration. The CTI was implemented using JavaScript and DHTML.<BR><BR>Other responsibilities included, managing and analyzing the requirements to produce preliminary and detailed functional and technical design artifacts, UI prototype design and development, data mapping, testing, managing and being a mentor for a team of ten and responsible for the timely delivery of the required deliverables.<BR><BR><BR>Professional Services Consultant/System Integrator<BR>May 2000 to Feb 2002<BR>KANA Communications - Manchester, NH<BR><BR>Built a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application package for a leading jewelry vendor - Tiffany. This customization involved the re-design of the client’s existing CRM portal through the coding of new web pages built using ASP and JavaScript. This application will help the client enhance customer service through the use of the ‘Case Management’ feature embedded in the application.<BR><BR>Played the technical lead role on behalf of the company in association with other consulting firms as part of a web based software for a multinational financial firm - GE Capital Card. This software helps the client effectively manage its credit card collections. The Application was built using web development technologies like ASP, HTML, XML. All the business logic was written using JavaScript and the application interfaced with an SQL Server database.<BR><BR>Customized the out-of-the-box product in alignment with the client requirements and liaised with the other consultants (both within the firm and other associate firms) to effectively adhere to the project plan.<BR><BR>Acted as a mentor to the other consultants offering them technical guidance and assumed the role of a single-point of contact.<BR><BR>Involved in the customization and implementation of the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) module of the software. This was done using an ActiveX object developed to interface with a Visual Basic Adapter.<BR><BR><BR>Software Developer Dec`99 - May`2000<BR>MSTD Inc. - Baltimore, MD<BR><BR>Responsible for the design and successful launch of the revamped corporate web site (www.mstdinc.com) incorporating the company’s product capabilities. This incorporated using Visual Basic - Web Classes and DHTML to design an expert system.<BR><BR>Software Engineer April`98 - Dec`99<BR>Energy Assessment and Development Center - Morgantown, WV<BR><BR>Key member of the team that conceptualized and implemented an application that measured the monetary savings of the recommendations made by the energy audit team of the university using Visual Basic and MS Access.<BR><BR>Created ER diagrams mapping it to a relational database. Designed the conceptual, logical (ER model, relational model and normalization) and physical implementation structure of the database.<BR><BR>Created MS Access Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) front-ends to Oracle databases. Handled high-end GUI development and data manipulation/conversions. Solely responsible for the conceptualization and implementation of database conversion from a traditional MS Excel environment to MS Access.<BR><BR>Involved in database conversion between platforms using Visual Basic & MS Access. Designed and developed a comprehensive web page for the Industrial Assessment Center of the University using HTML, Java Script. (www.cemr.wvu.edu/~psarvaiy). Developed a model to estimate the project preparation cost as per guidelines of the American Association of Cost Engineers using VB and MS Excel.<BR><BR><BR>Junior Software Engineer<BR>Aug `94 - Feb `95<BR>APAR India Ltd. - Mumbai, India<BR><BR>Designed a new plant layout for cellular manufacturing using AutoCAD.<BR><BR>Developed a Quality management software to comply with an aspect of the QS 9000 regulation.<BR><BR>Involved in the development of a Manufacture Automation System. This system was used to control the production line for shocker spares.<BR><BR><BR>Education<BR><BR>Master’s Degree<BR>Jan `98 - Dec `00<BR>West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV<BR><BR>Bachelor’s Degree<BR>Mar `91- Mar `95<BR>K.J.Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai, India<BR><BR><BR>Interests Travel, reading and movies<BR><BR><BR>References Available on request<BR><BR><BR>