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    I emailed this message to Scott Mitchell after reading his DG articles but thought somebody here may have some ideas on this...<BR><BR><BR>I have a situation where I pull records from a local DB, while those records bind to a DG I call a function that sends a product ID to a remote DB and returns an inventory quantity. Works great.<BR><BR>The problem is that the remote DB that returns inventory is a slow connection and I want the user to be able to sort the grid by the inventory quantity without it having to re-query every time. Any thoughts on a good way to do this? I want to somehow read the data in and keep it in the view state I guess, so it could resort locally.<BR><BR>Right now I can not sort by the inventory quantity at all, because it doesn&#039;t get that number until the DG is binding. And the only way I can get the inventory quantity is to call a SP on that remote DB that lets me input the product ID and returns the quantity so I don&#039;t have many options here.<BR>

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    If the database isn&#039;t huge...why not use a join to get the quantity from the second db at the same time you&#039;re pulling the records into the datagrid?

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