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    Is is possible to Integrate database in portal server, so that i can have have search based on database columns.<BR><BR>For Ex. Suppose i have 1000 resumes, in that i want to search based on experiece(Numeric field) where the exp. is stored in database. Now when we say search for all those resumes which has more than 3 years experience. You said that it&#039;s not possible thru just using portal server. My question is; is it possible thru database integration. I mean my query will point to database and the database in turn give me the results or display the results in Portal server&#039;s Interface. Because I want to use the feature of both Portal server & Database. <BR>Hope I am not confusing you much ;)

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    I&#039;m not familiar with the Portal Server software, but it sounds like a basic task that you want to do, so I&#039;d be surprised if it didn&#039;t contain such a feature.

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