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    Anybody knows how to register IIS in another server to access database MS SQL in defferent server.<BR><BR>When I try to run ASP.NET app with IIS and MS SQL all in one machine that was no problem at all but prior to that I still have to register in MS SQL user call ASPNET for IIS in that particular server. But when IIS and AS.NET app in one server and MS SQL in another server that is SQL aunthentication problem. "not authorise it seems". I cant register because ASPNET for IIS in another server not exist in the list. fyi these 2 server are member server for 1 domain.<BR><BR>Healp me?<BR><BR>

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    Applications that use SQL authentication to connect to a database are not generally affected by the switch to the ASPNET account. This is also true for applications that use integrated authentication and impersonation. However, if an application is not impersonating and is using Windows authentication, you must grant access to the database for the ASPNET account.<BR>

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