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    Gauthaman Balasubramaniam Guest

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    Hello, we are making a "greeting card" site and we were suggested to use the "persits" component for mail....insstead of "cdonts" since our server doesnot support we could easily get the mail using the persits thing....i need the mime component of this persits mailsender......<BR><BR>also i need to have the card personalised by the sender to be viewed by the enduser....that is say "if i send a card to x after personalising it, x should be able to see the card which i have personalised....i need the script for this....." and this keeps appending as people use the site....

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    santosh l. gawande Guest

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    congratulations for your great information,<BR>but can you give me guidence for:<BR>1)how to protect asp file i.e. i&#039ve developed asp application<BR>on my pc and i want to give it to other dept. but i don&#039t want<BR>to diplay a code inside it to any body.<BR>Is is possible to protect the file on encrypt ?<BR>

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