Can I use XML to create a catalog?

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Thread: Can I use XML to create a catalog?

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    Default Can I use XML to create a catalog?

    Hi,<BR>I&#039;m trying to create a website for this company that I work for, and we need a catalog on our website. I can get our system to give me a text file with all of our items, and item catagories and description and any other info that i need. all of this info will be in one line, but i can put a specific character infront of for example all item number, and so on. i need to find a way to link this file to our website. is xml the best and easiest way to do this? also, the catalog is going to have three levels, first level all of the catagories, than sub-categories, and than the items in that catagory. here is a catalog that is somewhat similar to what i want to create<BR>thanks for all your help.

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    Default I'd take a different approach.

    I would setup a scheduled process to pull the information from your existing system into a flat file.<BR><BR>I would then parse that flat file. And insert/update the data into a common database format (MS Access, SQL Server, even XML). Then, it&#039;s just a matter of querying that database.

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