I&#039;m in the process of developing an application that will encrypt a file, with the client&#039;s public key, using .NET&#039;s RSACryptoServiceProvider. The client&#039;s in this case will be providing us with a PGP public key, and will be using PGP to decrypt the file they receive from us. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the RSACryptoServiceProvider and PGP? I need to know, most importantly, if the two are compatible and PGP can decrypt a file encrypted with the RSACryptoServiceProvider.<BR><BR>I have been trying this for a few days, and I keep getting an "ascii armor input incomplete" error when I try to decrypt the file with PGP. If I attempt to decrypt using the .NET RSA Provider, it completes successfully. Can anyone shed some light on this or point me toward some more information? Thanks!