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    Does anyone have any ideas about how I can populate<BR>the elements of a drop down menu from a database based<BR>on the value selected in an other drop down menu?<BR><BR>To clarify further, I have 6 drop down menus in my<BR>web page. The first of these drop down menus is populated<BR>with "manufacturer" names from a database table called<BR>manufacturers. When the user selects a manufacturer from<BR>this drop down menu, I want to populate my other drop<BR>down menu with "sizes" pertaining to that "manufacturer"<BR>that the user selected. The user will then select a size and the next drop down menu will be poulated with the available "shapes" available.....I want this to continue for the 6 menus then the final selection from the last menu will detail the product to the user.<BR><BR>Anybody any ideas on this?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default dropdowns

    You would use a onClick() event for each dropdown you want to trigger a refresh. Post your page to itself each time you have a valid selected item. Code the corresponding database calls using the selected information.

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