Problems using a c++ ATL COM from ASP

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Thread: Problems using a c++ ATL COM from ASP

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    Default Problems using a c++ ATL COM from ASP

    I am currently trying to link a c++ dll which was created with ATL COM .I am now trying to call the function from an ASP page.Whenever i use the statement<BR><BR> set Obj = Server.createObject("sometthing")<BR><BR>the following error occurs :-<BR><BR> An error has occured. 006 ~ ASP 0177 ~ Server.CreateObject Failed.<BR>~ Invalid ProgID.For additioanl information specific to this message please visit the Microsoft Online Support site.Located at:<BR><BR> (0x800401F3)<BR><BR>I have visited the microsoft site and it is not useful.All it tells me is that the client computer temporirarily lost its connection to a domain controller or the test account on the cluster does not have Administrative permissions.<BR><BR>I have create the following connection with a VB test application and it is working fine.I am now trying to migrate it to the internet in ASP.I am now in a dial-up situation and i&#039;ve even tested the VB app with the ASP code at the same time and same envuronment.What am i missing here?<BR><BR>kind regards,<BR>Mervin<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Feels like registry problem

    Use REGEDIT (invoke it from start menu or a dos window).<BR><BR>Do a FIND (under the edit menu) for the name of your component (e.g., "").<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t find it, you haven&#039;t registered it. Use the DOS window to "cd" to the directory where you have it and then use the command<BR> regsvr yourdllname.dll<BR><BR>If you find the component via regedit, then look for the "InProcServer32" that is associated with it. (You might have to FIND NEXT to locate it.) Check to see if the name of the DLL is correct *and* it is actually in the directory which is given in the InProcServer32 entry.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s in the wrong directory, copy it to the right one.<BR><BR>[In place of regsvr and regedit, you might have to use regsvr32 and regedt32 on older NT machines.]<BR><BR>

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