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    I have a web-form which accepts data for adding a new employee to my system. Their name must be entered as well as a unique login id and password. I then want to check whether or not the login ID entered belongs to any other users....<BR><BR>I envisage doing this by having a query "select * from Employee where LoginID=&#039;" & login_id & "&#039;"....then if the resultant recordset is empty, I will know that nobody has that login id...my problem is, how do you check whether a recordset is empty or not???? I am using the format<BR> set rs = conn.Execute(query)<BR><BR>I envisage writing something like:<BR> rs.MoveFirst<BR> if rs.EOF then<BR> &#039;must be empty<BR> else<BR> &#039;somebody has that login<BR><BR>Is this correct? My main concern is that the line &#039;rs.MoveFirst&#039; won&#039;t be very popular if rs is empty???<BR><BR>Any clarification anyone could offer would be good :)

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    Take the rs.MoveFirst out completely.<BR><BR>If you&#039;ve just opened the reocrdset, you&#039;ll always be at the beginning of the recordset.<BR><BR>This part:<BR><BR>if rs.EOF then<BR>&#039;must be empty<BR>else<BR>&#039;somebody has that login<BR><BR>Is all that you&#039;ll need.

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