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    I hear and see alot of webhosting companies offering ASP & MySQL and I would like to know if I convert my Access to MySQL do I still use the same commaonds and command structure I use now for updating records, creating records, deleting records, creating tables and etc. that i use now.<BR><BR>If not could you please direct me to where I can learn what commands I can use to do those things in VBScript.<BR><BR>Thank You

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    Well that really depends. You&#039;re kind of asking us to be clarivoyant. How are we supposed to know what kind of queries you&#039;re running?<BR><BR>There is the standard SQL syntax that is pretty-much universally supported. HOWEVER, if you&#039;re using functions in your queries then you&#039;ll have problems. I don&#039;t know what functions MySQL supports but I&#039;m almost sure that it doesn&#039;t support as many as Access/SQL Server and the ones that it does support probably have different parameters. <BR><BR>What I mean by functions, is let&#039;s say you have a query where you want all records created in 2003. You could write it like this:<BR><BR>Select * From MyTable Where year(MyTable.Creation_Date) = 2003<BR><BR>we&#039;re using the year() function in that statement. <BR><BR>

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    Default *** CROSSPOST ***

    Grumble grumble grumble...and to think I almost answered him, *too*, in the Databases Q&A.<BR><BR>

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